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Khelnetics quality design service really made us stand out. They know to get the job done!

Maria G.

Their team exceeded our expectations. Khelnetics is a definite must going forward!

Elena S.

We were blown away when we saw the t-shirts! It looked great on screen but even better in person!

Sonya A.
Our clients across various industries have seen great results and are thrilled with our work.

About Us

Khelnetics engages in digital media of all forms. In late 2022 while designing a t-shirt for Black History Month for TNG Community Services, I just couldn’t shake the inspiration. It was early in the morning while thinking about the love I have for my son and my role in his life. And there was birthed the first in our Royal Line, Kings Raise Sons.


It is important for our presence to not only be felt in corporate boardrooms, but also in our the home. Our generations are our responsibility. Our future kings need us to raise the standard high and keep it there.